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Moving on.... [Mar. 1st, 2006|09:46 am]
I am moving my needlework and knitting projects journal from LiveJournal to Blogger.

Many of the knitting webrings and knitalongs require a real blog and refuse livejournal sites for some reason.

If you want to see my craft projects from Jan 2006 forward, please visit...

Threads and String

for your bookmarks, the new address is

See you there!
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Off again [Jan. 2nd, 2006|07:32 am]
My life these days seems to have a pulse. A tide whose cycles begin and end at the KC airport.

JC is gone again, back to Camp Lejeune. Right now, he's not really enjoying the Marine experience much. Hopefully that will change when he gets to a PDS and settles in. First, though, there is about three more months of training. This time in his MOS (military occupational specialty). He's going to be a mechanic for the Corps, and he loves engines.

So keeping my fingers crossed that he'll enjoy it more. Two months of guard duty and hanging around in a transient barracks waiting for this class has been hard on him. The boy does NOT do bored well, but also doesn't try to keep himself busy with things like professional reading and independent study classes. Hopefully he'll figure that he needs to do those things instead of just play video games and shoot pool - his future promotions depend on it.

Keeping my fingers crossed that he'll grow up faster than I did......
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Day off, but not a day of rest [Dec. 15th, 2005|11:07 am]
Doctor this AM - all done now.

Have to drop off the first batch of Toys for Tots - nope, nobody there, will try again tomorrow
Take Gimpy to the vet to get stitches out, yep, all healed up nice and he didn't even bite the vet
Take the rental car back bye, bye nice little Pontiac G6, hello old, paid for Olds
Pick up my car see above
Balance check book OUCH after my share of above - I had them fix the other front quarter panel that JC crunched back in his Sophomore year - been driving around like that for almost four years, for pete's sake.
Pay bills (including house tax - six months) Yep, and glad I accrue the latter - over a grand a year just to live in a house I already own GRRRRRRR
CLEAN the house in anticipation of JC's arrival on Saturday. (errrrr - no. Ran out of steam after the rest of the list, except for getting the dishes and two loads of laundry done.)

WHOOFFFF - not sure I'll get thru that list!
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MERRY Christmas [Dec. 11th, 2005|09:15 am]
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JC is coming home on recruiter's assistance. He'll be here from the 17th to Jan 2. I'm so excited.

Hopefully he'll get the two recruits that he needs to make Lance Corporal. That would be so cool. But at any rate, he'll be home for Christmas.

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Narnia - The Magician's Nephew [Dec. 9th, 2005|05:17 pm]
[mood |mischievousmischievous]

In anticipation of the release of the first "Narnia" movie this month, I've started to re-read the series.

This was one of my all time favorite series as a child. My dad got the boxed set c1969 as a review copy and I promptly appropriated them. Took them to Girl Scout Camp (along with my Winnie the Pooh books and The Hobbit). Then when JC was old enough to enjoy chapter books, we read them together and then he read them on his own. That box of books is pretty much in shreds.

So last weekend I gave in, used my discount and gift cards at Barnes and Nobel (aka the sinkhole for my paycheck) and I am now the proud owner of the new, hardbound box set. Eyecandy and library crack!!!

OK this first review is more rant about the re-ordering. For those few and forlorn poor souls who are not die hard Lewis fans, let me explain. For years and years (like 1950 to mid 1990s) the canon order of the books was by the publish dates. That put the classic, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe first. Then a random comment surfaced from an old BBC interview where Lewis had said the books were best read in the story's chronological order, which puts The Magician's Nephew first instead of next to the last.

I can understand that knowing the chronological order would be nice for a die hard fan of the series and I've even read them in that order once or twice. But excuse me, Clive, NOT. I want new readers to uncover the world of Narnia with LUCY and her brothers and sister. They are the main POV characters for the whole series (even if they aren't even present for several of the books). It takes a lot of the magic out of the world if the reader knows who and what Aslan is. And you do if you read TMN first. The proper place for TMN is as a book sized flashback just before the dramatic conclusion of The Last Battle.

But that having been said, I'm re-reading them in the 'new' order. TMN is a solid piece of work, and the Christian allegory doesn't overwhelm the adventure, which is true for the whole series and the reason that it's still so popular, I think. The writing style is a tad 'old fashioned', which makes perfect sense for a book set in the waning Edwardian age.

But I am very happy that the first movie adaptation is LWW, it's by far the best adventure and introduction to the series.

Random thought. When I lived in Manhattan, KS, one of my apartments was in a strange little neighborhood between the cemetery and the back side of the zoo. There were some great walks in though the wilderness where the future expansion of the graveyard butted up against the big hill at the back of the zoo. There had been some attempt during the 1930s to develop the area as a city park, but the wilderness had grown back over it. In a little cleaning in a cottonwood tangle was an old concrete picnic table, covered in moss, cracked down the center. It looked JUST like the illustration of The Stone Table in the books. It was wonderful, spooky and one of my favorite places (along with the bench in the entryway of one of the crypts in the graveyard).

JC accuses me of being 'Goth' before it was cool, and in a way he's right. I was into the Society for Creative Anachronism, preRaphaelite artists, the heavy Craftsman furnishing and I hung out in a graveyard. I was a fan of Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult and the early metal bands. I did NOT, however, have anything other than my ears pierced nor did I go overboard with the eyeliner LOL. TMI? Thought so.
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Book List 2006 [Dec. 8th, 2005|06:31 pm]
Edited 8 Dec 2005

Current Reading

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling

The Magician's Nephew by CS Lewis - 12/6/2005
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Icy Crunch [Dec. 8th, 2005|06:16 pm]
[mood |crappycrappy]

Thank GOD this day is over.

Remember the snow - it's still here. I know how to drive in snow. Granted, I don't LIKE to drive in snow, but I know how.

The lady who hit my car WHILE IT WAS PARKED IN THE TACO BELL PARKING LOT does not.

Get this, she slid down the slope, over the curb, across the sidewalk, over the bumper thingys in the parking lot and took out the driver's door, the left front fender, the front bumper and the driver's front tire, struts and braces.

$3000 worth of damage on my car alone. Not enough to total it, but enough to keep me from using it for several days. Will pick up the rental in the morning.

Waiting for 45 min for a tow when they'd said three hours made me VERY happy. Also got me back to work, bless them.

But seeing as her other option once she lost control was an SUV with three kids in it, I'm not inclined to argue with her guardian angel. Better my unoccupied car than that.

Still hearing the counter lady say "OH Goodness, did you see that? That blue car just hit that white car!" and turning around to see that it was MY white car did not make my lunch the best on record.

Kicker? I usually just drive through. Today I went in. Why? To get a coupon to give to my secret Santa giftee. No good deed goes unpunished.
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BRRRRRRRR [Dec. 7th, 2005|06:40 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]

In the words of my favorite Marine Captain it can just the H@## stop snowing now!

My lunch hour, aka "Karla's incredible slip-sliding, almost falling on her backside embarrassing moment in front of the USMC Reserve HQ" was interesting.

Because JC is now active duty, we did not get the usual 'large packing box and poster for Toys for Tots' delivery to the office last week. This is not acceptable. So I took it upon myself to look up the local contact on the TfT website and call him. SSgt M was very good, returning my phone call on Tuesday and I told him that I'd be over to his office over my lunch hour today. "Good to Go, ma'm. Did you know that we are moving into the new building?"

???WTF??? I just drove by the building on the way to the vet clinic yesterday. After all, it IS kinda hard to miss it, all scarlet and yellow with a big Eagle Globe and Anchor on the sign. Three foot high letters saying USMC Reserve Center? Yes? No. WAREHOUSE now, the offices and muster have moved out to the old AFB, which now has now been converted to a civilian Air Park, EXCEPT for the parts that have been kept by the Air Guard and the Army Reserves and the State Dept of Health and Environment (where Walt used to head up security back in the day).

I have to admit that the new building is great, even if the Marines DO have to share it with the Army pogues. The old one is WWII or MAYBE Korea vintage, in a not so great part of town (you have to admit it takes BALLS for the boyz in the hood to tag the side of a Marine Depot - not that it ever lasts more than the hour or so it takes for the guard to see it and get somebody out there to paint it over.)

Anyhow, SSGT M gave me a quick tour of the new digs - they are still putting office furniture together. It's nice to see new proper office cubbies instead of the dinged up old third or fourth hand metal desks. Same old black notebooks though for all the paper records LOL.

But the embarrassing part is that after I'd got my posters and said good bye at the door. I blithely took off into the parking lot. Where the temp had dropped enough that the drizzle and skifting of snow had become ICE under about an inch of fluffy white cold stuff. My feet went east AND west. Simultaneously. I grabbed onto the nearest stationary object, which luckily was NOT the guy coming into the building or the guard, but the Handicapped parking sign. I wrapped my arms around that post like it was a life preserver thrown to me as I was being swept overboard in an Artic sea. And proceeded to shuffle my way to my car like a geriatic crone. I didn't have the guts to look back and see if any of the guys were still in the entry way.

Of course, this is the same woman who once marched out of her shoe on the drill deck. My dad did always say he should have named me "Karla Grace" because that way I would HAVE some - grace that is.
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The world's most expensive rat [Dec. 5th, 2005|08:40 pm]
[mood |shockedand BROKE]

The rat population is now 7.

And the title of the world's most expensive rate goes to Gimpy - who had managed to totally mangle his tail. Broken, infected and bleeding. My regular vet does not treat rodents. So after a search of the Yellow pages, I find one who does.

Off I go to the vets on Monday over an early lunch. Home, bundle up G in a towel and stow him in an old carry on bag, grab a butter tub with his food, etc. Drive back across town, only getting lost once. This vets is in Highland Park. Which is one of the "hood" neighborhoods. Now don't get me wrong, there are some nice working class parts too. Even a few houses that wouldn't look out of place over on this side of the interstate. And my mom taught in that neighborhood for decades. But I digress from my rat tail (or lack thereof).

Yep, "we'll have to amputate that". And since he's the lone male, I ask about neutering him. Rats, you see, don't do well alone. They get neurotic and can't groom themselves well. They really need to be in pairs or trios.

Anyhow I go to pick him up today and the vet bill is over $200. Granted they did both the tail amputation (there's just an inch long stubb left since the damage was so bad) and the neutering surgery and clipped teeth and nails, did a check for parasites, too. But YIKE.

But he's a sweet big dufus of a boy. The males snuggle more than the girls do - the girls are more hyper and fun to watch play. But G will sit in your lap making tunnels in a holding towel and brux his teeth at you like a kittie purring. When ratties grind their teeth, it's called bruxing and is the sign of a very happy and calm rat.

And I have to give him pain shots today and tomorrow and antibiotics for the next two weeks. I can do that. He's so good that he'll just sit there, let me pinch his scruff and stick a hypodermic in it. I think I'll get over $200 worth of petting out of him and he'll be happy and content (though tail-less) for the rest of his ratty little life.

Note: Metal wheels are a device akin to an iron maiden. I am getting the beasties a Woodent Wheel for Christmas - supposed to be non-pinch and easy on their feet, too.
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Damaris Update [Nov. 20th, 2005|04:32 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]

Free Image Hosting at

Here's Damaris with the next chunk of the eyelet alphabet done. One more round should do it for this part.

I'm not going to get this done by the end of the year, but I don't think it will be too far into 2006 when it gets done and framed.

I really need to devote a little more time to my needlework and a little less time to reading fan fiction on the net. I'd get more done LOL.

But I really enjoy being rather lazy. My mom wants me to go back to school, but I rather enjoy my non-stress lifestyle these days. And it's not like finishing my degree would get me anywhere at work. There's just no promotion possibilites for me in Topeka with my company. I'd have to move to Tulsa or Kansas City. And NOT wanting to do that at this point.
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